The FitLife – Women’s Fitness

Here to empower women to find movement that works for them.

Short on time?

Lacking energy?

No time for yourself?

Want to feel more confident in your body?

I offer women’s fitness right through from postnatal to post menopausal and everything in between. If you want to feel strong, healthy and balanced, I offer a range of women-centric group and 121 sessions, workshops and an online community.

My movement mantra is make it meaningfiul, mindful and feel good!

I use a blend of functional fitness, Yoga movement and Pilates style exercise derived from everyday moves to make you stronger.  I am a big promoter of self-care so all of my sessions have a Holistic vibe.  My education in Women’s Health mean that I deeply focused on Nutrition – for energy, for healing, for our brains, and Core Strength including posture and breath work.

What do you need to be the best version of you? Daily movement, exercise, lifestyle, nutrition, self-care – whatever your goals I can help you!

These programmes are great if you want to supplement your current fitness regime with some extra strength work, or if you have a particular injury meaning you need to focus on stabilising your body.  If you have children, no matter how old my Strong to the Core programme can help you find strength and suppleness in your body.

The aim is to give you fitness that you enjoy taking part in & that will help you achieve your goals – with the added advice and support from an expert in Women’s Health.

Choose your FitLife Classes:

BeachClub Southbourne

When: Saturday 7.30-8.15am
Where: Fisherman’s Walks Zig Zag Beach

Cost:£5 per session.

High intensity, low impact workouts with a beautiful view – strong and sweaty! Strengthen your body, aid weight loss, tone muscles. Busy life? Get up and out before the weekend begins.
Great to supplement running or other sports training, to improve performance and prevent injury.



BeachClub Plus

Pay Monthly and come to as many BeachClub sessions as you like (I will always add extra sessions throughout the month) PLUS get the FitLife Online.  This gives you home videoed workouts delivered to you every single week, plus loads of fitness challenges, meal ideas, self care goals and more in the FitLife community private Facebook group.

Monthly cost:  £25

Fit 'n' Fierce

When: Tues 7.10-8pm (NEXT COURSE STARTS 5th November 2019)

Where: Iford United Reformed Church BH7 6RU

Cost: £60 for 7 week block including FitLife Online

FLEXI PASS: £45 for 5 weeks within the 7 week block

No star jumps or burpees here!!  Come along to our awesome high intensity workout, designed especially for women to build or maintain your fitness.   This class aims to make you sweat, but without any of those awkward or uncomfortable moves you find in regular circuits class.  Low impact options mean every woman can smash it.  We mix it up with from week-to-week with circuits and group sessions to keep you motivated and working towards your goals.  No woman left behind, this is suitable for all fitness levels  – start where you are and we build from there!!

You also get access to the FitLife online to support your fitness journey.  This gives you access to weekly video workouts, plus fitness challenges, meal ideas, self care goals and more in the FitLife community private Facebook group.  This additional support goes a long way to helping you enjoy your sessions and get the most out of them.

Release and Restore

Permission to take time out for your body and mind.

A combination of releases aiming to free up tight joints and release the tension in tight muscles, giving you freedom to move how your body should, promoting optimal posture. Moving to a deep guided meditation giving your mind time to be present in the here and now.

6-week Super-Fit

When: Sun 4pm (starts 17th Feb)

Where: Fisherman’s Walk Beach (location given on booking as we’ll choose quiet locations)

Cost: £40 (BeachClub discount if combined)

This Spring Special is sure to get you ready for summer.  A weekly HIIT class on the beach, plus weekly home videos including Core and mini HITs.  As always an element of education to help you make those long-term lifestyle changes, including self-care, nutrition and progress tracker to keep you motivated throughout.

The beach workout will work key areas, and get your heart pumping.  The method used has been proven to be the most effective at increasing both aerobic and anaerobic energy systems – meaning you get fitter, faster.  This will burn calories, improve strength in all the key areas and make you feel GREAT!!!

ONLY 10 spaces available!!!

The Prosecco Movement

Its happening!! Thurs Nov 28th 7.30-9pm!

Tickets £10 – bring a friend and you’ll both get 25% off!!!!

At special times of year, we move…and then we celebrate!

An invigorating workout with functional body weight exercises, delightful stretching and ending with a glass of bubbly!

Suitable for all abilities and fitness levels, ladies only fun workout and festive celebration.

Postnatal 101

If you’ve had a baby in the last 9 months and would like to learn how to reconnect with your body, heal your core safely as well as learning tips for caring for and strengthening your body – join me for this very special one-off class.

I will show you releases to help your body feel better, key strengtheners to help your body feel strong, and empower you with knowledge about your body.  ending with a nice relax!!

Max 3 people so that everyone gets attention and care.

Non crawling babies are welcome along.

You’ll get a little take-away handout to help you remember/recap on the techniques shown

Book Now

To join our weekly sessions, please use my booking form.

Take it to the next level: The FitLife Online

What’s Included:

  • A variety of weekly home workout videos including HIT, Core, Glute, Stretch, and more…
  • Nutrition and meal ideas
  • Fitness challenges
  • Self-care goals
  • Lifestyle tips to support your goals
  • Join our women’s fitness tribe in the private community Facebook group!!

£12 per month – no fixed term. Stop and start as you please.


Why are the classes in blocks?

With the exception of BeachClub (which can be a bit weather dependant), I run all classes in blocks.  There are many reasons for this; I want you to commit the time to yourself and have something each week that’s just for you.  I want you to achieve your goals whatever they may be and feel the benefit of the class, to learn how to move the way we do.  All of the classes progress through a series of themes to help you get the most out of them, I don’t want you to miss out on anything.

What if I miss a session?

Don’t worry, I understand that life sometimes takes over.  Although I’d like you to commit to each class in your block so that you can get the most out of them, if you have an urgent reason for missing one, I will fit you into the following term or a different class in this term – whichever suits.

Am I suitable?

Women of all ages and abilities are welcome to all FitLife sessions.
If you have specific Core symptoms, you may want to look at Strong to the Core programme.
You will need to complete an online health form before starting exercise, which will highlight any areas that Sarah may discuss or ask you to discuss with your GP

I've had a baby - when can I start?

Once you have had your 6-week GP check and are 8 weeks post-birth (10 weeks c section).

What to bring and wear?

Strong to the Core is completed barefoot, Fierce and BeachClub in trainers.

Wear comfortable non-restrictive clothing that you can move freely in

Bring a water bottle, a small towel and something warm for sessions involving relaxation

BeachClub requires weather-suitable clothing.

Is there parking?

The hall at Iford United Reformed Church has a car park and once inside the main entrance at the front of the church, there is a foyer area with toilets where you can wait before your class.

For BeachClub if you are coming by car there is free parking all along the top of the overcliff at Fishermans Walk.

When you have booked, and before you attend the class, please fill in one of my online health questionnaires.

Please note: the form for those who have given birth asks some additional relevant questions.

sarah j bond womens fitness
  • I’ve gained an enjoyment of exercise - rather than it being something I always felt like I should do, I now look forward to…I always feel Sarah is able to give one-to-one personalised advice.

  • Sarah is a godsend.  She deeply understands women’s fitness and takes the time to get to know you, tailors the workouts to you and we all have a genuine laugh!
    Her knowledge is second to none and invaluable.  A breath of fresh air…Her sessions make you feel refreshed, motivated and happy!

  • I’ve been doing 1:1 sessions & BeachClub which are fantastic. Sarah is so knowledgeable on how to tailor an individual programme for my needs, is very patient and has given me useful nutritional advice & is fantastic at motivating me towards my goal.

  • I can't recommend Sarah's Pre-Natal classes enough. Sarah understands every birth is different as a mum herself and provides brilliant advice, always willing to answer questions. You’ll learn so much which will help you throughout pregnancy and labour. I look forward to every class and have met some other lovely mum's-to-be. I’ve also learnt some great exercises to help ease back pain and prepare my pelvic floor. Thank you Sarah for helping me feel more confident about the changes to my body. The best part being I always sleep amazing too!

  • I cannot recommend Sarah highly enough! I messaged her one day saying I was rather unfit & needed help, also carrying hip issues. She met with me 121 and had a chat with me about my needs, and I joined. Absolutely love her classes, my body is slowly getting stronger - enabling me to do more. Sarah is very aware of everyone’s individual needs, offering alternatives to each exercise. Onwards & upwards for me.

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