Pregnancy Fitness

Small, friendly pregnancy fitness course in Bournemouth – the perfect preparation for your body and mind.

Join the new era of antenatal fitness in this bespoke pregnancy well-being course to prepare for your pregnancy, birth and motherhood journey.

Do you want to keep moving, but not sure what’s safe to do?

Want to feel strong, supple & ready for your motherhood journey from the outset?

 Want to do something to celebrate your pregnancy, something for YOU?

woman holding pregnant tummy

What’s Included:

  • 1-hr weekly small pregnancy fitness class which involves:
  • Your pelvic floor intro and the most functional way to connect your core.  This supports your pelvis and back through pregnancy, aids labour and heals more efficiently.

  • Exercise that mimics the movements you will use in your journey – preparing you for pregnancy, labour and,  motherhood.

  • Movement to mobilise and release those tight, achy areas of your body that may become stuck as your bump has grown.

  • Guided meditation allowing your body and mind some deep relaxation


Gentle home movement videos to keep you moving and energised with wonderful pregnancy stretches and pregnancy fitness mini-workouts .

A community of like-minded mums-to-be to connect with.

Goodie bag!! Full of practical advice and guidance including nutrition to keep you nourished, your self-care plan, your very own stretchy band & much more.


Now including an evening birth preparation session by local leading midwife and Yogi which will tell you everything you need to know for the big event!

You’ll leave feeling energised, educated, strong and ready!




Contact me for the next course dates.


£60 for bespoke 6-week course

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When can I start?

Once you have had your 12-week scan, and as long as your midwife or doctor are happy for you to exercise, you can begin.

You will complete an online health screening which will highlight any areas that Sarah may discuss or ask you to discuss with your midwife.

Can I complete more than one course and can I PAYG?

Once you have done one course, you are welcome to complete a 2nd course, or PAYG for weekly sessions if you are over 32 weeks (space allowing).

What do I bring?

Bring a water bottle.

Classes are completed barefoot.

Bring a small towel or blanket for your head and something warm to wear for relaxation.

As you get bigger you might like to bring a pillow to support your bump in side lying.

Wear comfortable non-restrictive clothing that you can move freely in.

For the 2-hr BIRTH PREPARATION session, you’re welcome to bring snacks.

What If I can’t make one of the group sessions in my course?

I want you to have the best experience and get the most from your course, so I encourage you to attend each week.

In extenuating circumstances if you cannot attend and you notify me, I will do my best to find a replacement session.  If medical reasons (including baby arriving early) mean you cannot complete the course once you have started, a refund can be given, or a later/postnatal course can be attended in place of missed sessions.

Join me for Pregnancy Fitness

If you’re interested and have any further questions, please get in touch.

When you have booked, and before you attend the class, please fill in my online health questionnaire:

Sarah J Bond, Women's Fitness Coach
  • I’ve gained an enjoyment of exercise - rather than it being something I always felt like I should do, I now look forward to…I always feel Sarah is able to give one-to-one personalised advice.

  • Sarah is a godsend.  She deeply understands women’s fitness and takes the time to get to know you, tailors the workouts to you and we all have a genuine laugh!
    Her knowledge is second to none and invaluable.  A breath of fresh air…Her sessions make you feel refreshed, motivated and happy!

  • I’ve been doing 1:1 sessions & BeachClub which are fantastic. Sarah is so knowledgeable on how to tailor an individual programme for my needs, is very patient and has given me useful nutritional advice & is fantastic at motivating me towards my goal.

  • I can't recommend Sarah's Pre-Natal classes enough. Sarah understands every birth is different as a mum herself and provides brilliant advice, always willing to answer questions. You’ll learn so much which will help you throughout pregnancy and labour. I look forward to every class and have met some other lovely mum's-to-be. I’ve also learnt some great exercises to help ease back pain and prepare my pelvic floor. Thank you Sarah for helping me feel more confident about the changes to my body. The best part being I always sleep amazing too!

  • I cannot recommend Sarah highly enough! I messaged her one day saying I was rather unfit & needed help, also carrying hip issues. She met with me 121 and had a chat with me about my needs, and I joined. Absolutely love her classes, my body is slowly getting stronger - enabling me to do more. Sarah is very aware of everyone’s individual needs, offering alternatives to each exercise. Onwards & upwards for me.

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