Mums Return to Running Workshop

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Pregnant?  Had a baby?  Want to be active?

I am putting on this FREE workshop for MUMs in conjunction with some other wonderful women in Southbourne – the amazing Hayley from BuggyFit and lovely Louise from the BadAss Mothers.

We’ve recently had some ACTUAL guidelines published for mums getting back to impact activities, written by 3 specialist physios from the UK and Ireland.

This is really exciting times for us, as women are actually being given some real and realistic guidelines once they’ve had BABIES on how to return to whatever activity it is that they love (doesn’t have to be running!).

I will show you some simple and effective ways to prepare to return to your chosen activity, and give you guidance on what to do next, along with what to watch out for along the way 👍🏼

Please if you’re interested, or you know someone that would be, comment or share with them, and click the link to get your ticket

Who’s it for?

  • If you have children and are not sure if you’re ready to get back to impact activity.
  • If you’re pregnant and enjoy being active – get the knowledge now to help you when you’re ready
  • If you’ve had a baby and want to start being active again.
  • If you have already returned to sport but would like to know what to be aware of and prevent injury.
  • If you enjoy:
  • Running, Bouncing, Netball, Volleyball, Tennis, Aerobics, Step, Bodycombat – any sport where both of your feet may be off the ground at the same time 😉

Come along and learn about what you can do to prepare yourself and what to watch out for.

Click HERE to get your FREE ticket!

Tell your friends, spread the word and let’s make sure that all mums have access to this information to prevent annoying pains and injuries, and keep our pelvic floors healthy for life!!!

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