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Hotly debated amongst those in my industry. Should you use your baby as a ‘weight’ during a fitness class (top pic)?

In Strong to the Core daytime, you can bring babies along to class. For me though, it’s an absolute NO to using baby as a weight during the class. We are trying to focus on restoring your strength with great technique and engagement on the stabilising muscles.

Our bodies have changed, we have muscle weakness and imblanace and also some very overworked muscles from growing these little beauts and then delivering them safely to the world.

This is YOUR time to focus on you and when we use baby as a weight, the big overworked muscles often kick in and we just fall back to using the incorrect technique or muscles.  I will help you, hold your baby for you, entertain your baby, and sometimes, you might stand and jiggle while you listen.

So yes, although you carry baby around all day and so are more than capable – we are aiming to restore the balance to HELP you do this more effectively when we’re in class.

I went to several classes myself with my baby and was asked to use baby as a weight and I STRUGGLED to maintain technique, engage deep core, not have doming of my abs, back pain or turn beetroot with the effort😡

So if you’re asked to do anything like the top image in a class, I recommend not whilst you’re in the first year PP, or if you suffer with ANY back pain, pelvic floor symptoms, or tummy gap. The bottom image is what you’ll see in Strong to the Core – baby right by mums side, cheering her on!💛

Mummas give yourself a break, you work damn hard 24hrs a day, for the hour that you’re with me, you won’t be asked to use the baby as a weight. It doesn’t mean we’re not getting stronger, it means we’re doing in RIGHT!!!💪🏼

How do I know that you’ll still get stronger with Strong to the Core? Because it’s tried and tested. I used the exercise that we do in class after my 2nd bub, and let me tell you, I left hospital with absolutely zero muscle tone or strength, and now my glutes are strong, my abs are strong and I have not lifted a weight in a gym for many years.

mum and baby exercising


Strong to the Core runs term time and our next class starts Jan 9th.

Book now to reserve your space – small classes mean spaces quickly get filled.

Contact me HERE if you have any questions about the course or would like to book your space

The class is indoors in Southbourne on Thursdays 11.15am-12.20

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