Wake up Christmas Day feeling AMAZING!! Fitmas Advent

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Do you want to wake up on Christmas Day feeling AMAZING?

We are running our first ever Fitmas Advent over in our Facebook group and everyone is really LOVING it!

We are aiming to do some movement EVERY single day up until Christmas.  Movement that strengthens, movement that restores, movement that FEELS GOOD!

And it’s never too late to join us, jump over the the GROUP today – it takes just a few minutes, but the result will last much longer.

You’ll find out how good it feels to give something back to your body at this busy time of year, you’ll feel a great sense of achievement each day that you complete.  And there’s prizes at the end for whoever does the most.

See what can happen when you put your mind to it and commit to your own health

Join the Facebook group for the advent, plus much more on women’s health, well being and fitness

Click here to join

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