Adventure calls…just don’t mention Brexit!

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Are we mad?  Possibly, but here’s what’s going on over the next few months…

If you’re a regular at my classes and courses, you’ll know by now that at the start of April, my family and I are beginning our European adventure in our little motorhome, to see as much of Europe as we can before our eldest starts school in September.  Can we survive in a space the size of our kitchen diner?  Will we make it back in time for school?  How many ice-creams will we eat in 5 months?  Well, we are busy getting ourselves ready to find out the answers.  We still need to look at the maps to check a route, but we want to have as much freedom as possible to go where the wind takes us on our journey around 8 countries.


We love to travel, we never wanted having children to stop us exploring and are really keen for our children to see the wonders that the world has to offer, it may seem crazy, it will 100% wreck the bedtime routine…but life’s for living, right?!

What about work?

Is it a holiday? A working holiday? A Sabbatical?  Well, we currently think of it as an early mid-life crisis, and although both being self-employed means that we have the freedom to do it, we have also spent a long time building up our passion projects and we don’t want to just stop.

All current classes will continue until 30th March – so if you’d still like to come along, we have FitMums Tues 7.30pm and Fri 10am, and BeachClub Weds 11am & Sat 7.30am.

I have very few 121 spaces left in March, so please get in touch if you’d like to see how I can help you.

Whilst I’m away I will also have a low-cost online membership option for my current members to receive weekly workout videos which will incorporate all of my current women’s fitness offerings – from Strong to the Core,  Super 6 HIT, BeachClub (strength) & FitMums, as well as Live workouts with me on location! 😉

If you’d like to know more about this, ping me a message!

I’m also going to be spending the time whilst we’re away doing a little writing about the things that I’ve learnt about Women’s Health over the past 12mths (or 37yrs!) so keep your eyes peeled.

women exercising lunge beach hut

Before I go…

I have two last in demand workshops before I go that i just have to run – both have just 3 spaces so are very personal sessions!

Postnatal 101 – Mon 25th March 10am – 1 hr £10

An hour of re-connection with your body, learning how to heal your core, release areas of tension and generally learn top tips for the first year of motherhood (non crawlers welcome).  Book now

Release & Restore – Mon 25th March 8pm – 1hr £10

An hour of total down training and core workout, releasing tension, improving mobility in your spine, shoulders and hips, improving awareness & connection in your core and strengthening your core with a 10 min take away programme to enable you to continue at home.   Book now

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women exercising lunge beach hut