About me

I’m a women’s fitness & well-being specialist based in Bournemouth, I love working with women, particularly to strengthen their cores to help restore balance in their life.

Following the birth of my daughter in 2014, I started dreaming of creating a business where I could work with and empower women.

I had always loved being active but sometimes found the struggle of fitting it all in tough and could see that I wasn’t alone. Now, with 9 months of maternity leave ahead and baby in tow, I started working out with other mums, realising how it made us all feel happy and more confident – just more like ourselves.  I also became aware of how much our bodies had changed during this time.

sarah j bond womens fitness

Going back to work behind a laptop screen or the wheel of my car just didn’t feel right anymore.  I wanted flexibility to see my children and also have more time for myself and my health.

Having suffered with chronic low back pain & chronic illness since I was a teenager and then having had two babies (who did not sleep!) by c-sections,  I understood what it took to overcome the challenges that motherhood bought. Following illness with my 2nd pregnancy,  I started my own journey to build my fitness back to a level where I felt energised, strong and healthy, balancing life with two young children, starting a business and dealing with the challenges that this brings – I am determined to help other women.

Why did I start my women’s health business?

I explain more in this video…

core exercise strength

My well-rounded approach comes from almost 20 years in fitness, coaching and education working with a vast array of clients.  I’ve absorbed the knowledge that my degree in Sports Therapy gave me, alongside many fitness, coaching & massage qualifications – bringing a good science grounding to my work.

To serve women most effectively I have been delving deep into the world of Women’s Health and Advanced Postnatal training – this has been eye-opening; it surprised me just how relevant this is to every woman. I have studied, listened and piloted everything I can in the world of women’s health, to create the most comprehensive courses, and bring this to each session that I teach.

Becoming a mum, I had some light-bulb moments – seeing women give everything to the world around them & leave little time for their own fitness & self-care inspired me to start my business.

The busy role that I left behind gave me a great understanding of how hard it is to do the ‘self-care’ thing, so one of my key focuses is to make this manageable and realistic for women..

My vision

  • To create unique programmes based on my experiences & needs.
  • To help women feel at ease with themselves.
  • For my programmes to be achievable whatever your life involves.
  • To create fun, female communities where exercise doesn’t feel like work.
  • To help you learn how you can prioritise your own self-care.
Sarah J Bond at her Beach Fitness Class

I’ve always been a keen sportswoman, and love spending time with my family at the beautiful Southbourne beaches where we enjoy watersports and outdoor activities.

Always a keen traveller, I’m determined that having children will not stop seeing more of our beautiful world.

Sarah’s main qualifications:

  • BSc Sports Therapy
  • Body Massage certificate
  • Level 3 Pre and Post Natal coach
  • Gym and Personal Trainer Certificate
  • Group Studio Cycling
  • A1 assessors and PTLLS teaching certificate
  • Advanced CPD in Modern Postnatal Assessment, Core Restore & Functional Exercise Programming
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