Passionate about empowering women
to feel their best & care for themselves
Helping women feel stronger and find balance in busy lives

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Strong to the Core

For women who need to find balance and strength in their core.

A perfectly tailored, supportive class to improve your core, overcome pain or core symptoms and bring you balance.

The FitLife

For every woman who wants to feel strong, healthy and balanced.

Weekly fitness programmes that are enjoyable, sociable and will help you achieve your goals. Pay as you go, or block book.


Prepare for and celebrate your journey.

A bespoke 6-week antenatal fitness course that will support you through pregnancy, childbirth and into motherhood with strength and education.

Passionate about empowering women to feel strong, healthy and balanced in life.

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A bit about me:

I’m Sarah, mum of two and a women’s wellness coach.  Having worked in fitness & education in one form or another all my adult life, and enjoyed being active since childhood – I am now navigating through a busy life trying to fit everything in, I want to share my passion for movement with you!

My ethos is simply to give you a wholly woman-centered experience – I want to help you find a way to fit this into your life, no matter how busy.  I’m a big promoter of self-care, but this doesn’t need grand gestures.  I also love a quick ‘exercise snack’ to make things work…to find out more, drop me a message!

My own health has been put to the test throughout my life with illness and injury (and probably a lack of vegetable intake in the early years!),  and as a former fussy eater, I am not one for the ‘all-or-nothing’ approach.

Find something you enjoy doing,  and you will want to keep doing it – feel good movement.  You have it in you to make healthy choices for yourself that will improve your life – have confidence in yourself, but be kind to yourself also.

Find balance in achieving your healthy outlook.  Eat well, move more, find you de-stressors, believe in yourself.

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Individual help

Maybe you’d be happier 1-to-1 rather than joining a group?

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  • The classes as they are so relaxed, I feel really comfortable going with my baby and she tends to be super happy as she loves watching us and playing with other babies!
    It’s really nice to be able to go to a class safe in the knowledge that all the exercises are going to be safe postpartum, with a focus on posture, core muscles including pelvic floor. I come away feeling like me again!

  • I feel so much stronger and aware of my posture. It’s great for getting energy back after having a baby and one of the rare classes you can take baby to and have them close in a safe environment. Sarah tailors exercises well to each person...I’d highly recommend to any woman at whatever stage they are in their life.

  • I have done both 1:1 sessions and BeachClub for over 6 months, both are brilliant. Sarah is so knowledgeable and adaptable, making all exercises accessible but challenging and her specialist knowledge in women's fitness and postnatal recovery is exceptional. Her sessions are fun, friendly and you definitely feel it the next day!

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